united states

Steel Yourselves!

I got this Official Postcrossing postcard from Pennsylvania! For some reason, the name of that state seemed familiar (hehehe). Funnily enough, for as long as I’ve been a resident of Pennsylvania, I’ve never visited Pittsburgh! For those that might not know, Pennsylvania is on the eastern/northeastern side of the US. […]

A “Tail” of Four Monkeys!

This is an Official Postcrossing card from Oregon! This was from a visit to Costa Rica, a small country located in Central America. Featured are four members of Costa Rica’s faunal population! From left to right, top to bottom, we have the squirrel monkey, the howler monkey, the spider monkey, […]

Lighter Than Air!

I received this Official Postcrossing card from California! Depicted are two US Navy airships that existed between the World War eras: USS Akron and USS Macon. These airships, which were sister vessels to each other, were first launched in 1931, and were the largest aircraft of their time. Let’s talk […]

Savin’ the Big Kitties!

This postcard reached me from Minnesota! I was given the opportunity to add another lovely feline to my collection of lovely feline cards! This tiger here is a resident of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, located in Boyd, Texas (kinda close to Dallas in northeast Texas). This was a sanctuary […]

When You Notice She’s Got a Gun…

I got this Official Postcrossing card from Wisconsin! At first I thought this was a standard painting card and anticipated trying to find the original painter. Turns out it’s actually from a set of cards featuring pulp magazine covers! Pulp magazines are fiction magazines that were printed on cheap pulp […]

Go, Kitty, Go!

This Official Postcrossing postcard is from Wisconsin! This features a painting by Michael Sowa, a German painter and illustrator born in 1945. Sowa is known for his surreal, kind of cartoon-like style, and has done works for things like books, magazine covers, and musical album covers. For some reason the […]

Be Fancy or Else!

This Official Postcrossing card came to me from New York! We’ve got ourselves a glamorous view of Times Square, found in New York City. I did a post about a year and a half ago on Times Square: – feel free to check it out! If you don’t feel like […]

Show Me More!

Got this lovely postcard from Missouri! Front and center is the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, the second-largest city in the state (only second to Kansas City – yes, Kansas City is a city in Missouri, not Kansas!). St. Louis is located on the eastern side of the state, right […]