Would You Like Fries With That?

We’re gonna go back to a few of my 2013 postcards! This Official Postcrossing card arrived from the Netherlands! Depicted is the coat of arms for Friesland, a northern province of the country. Sorry – “Friesland” is not somewhere you can find supersized servings of salted strips of potatoes… though […]

Ugchelen, a Hidden Bit of Loveliness!

An Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands today! It’s been some time since we talked about lesser known places; the village shown here is called Ugchelen, which is found kind of in the central part of the country. It’s a municipality that’s often associated with the city of Apeldoorn. So […]

Cyber Meetups on the Rise!

This postcard is from the Netherlands! It was sent to me from an online Postcrossing meetup, which has been a popular medium for meetups for a few months now. I think this design captures the nature of it perfectly – confined to the home and to the net, but still […]

Pulling Their Weight!

This is an Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands! This card features the horses of Zeeland, a province in the southwestern part of the country. Zeeland horses, or simply Zeelands, are the only “pulling breed” in the Netherlands – meaning, they’re able to pull carriages. While they’re commonly found pulling […]

It’s Het Volk, Folks!

Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands! This trio here is a theatrical group known as Het Volk In Dothan (which translates – according to Google – to “The People In Dothan”). They do several different performances, but I believe the one featured here is of a biblical drama […]

That Time of Year Again!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM APFY TO YOU! Thank you so much Riek for this BEAUTIFUL limited-edition postcard from your hometown, and for your warmest Christmas wishes! As for the rest of the viewers, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you nothing less than a phenomenal day! And for those […]

A Handmade Beaut!

I received this SUPER lovely handmade Official Postcrossing card (phew that’s a lot of adjectives) from the Netherlands! I was told that the sender’s mother made this especially for me after reading my love of manga-style cards on my profile. And it’s remarkable! It’s a bit tough to show but […]

Be My Neighbor Too!

Here’s a postcard that just hopped off the Catbus and into my mailbox from the Netherlands! Most of you probably recognize what this scene is from – Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro! Fun fact: I only just watched this for the first time a few months ago! I don’t know […]