Sending Out Postcards!

As beautiful petals on a flower wilt, so too must a wonderful trip come to a close. I’m getting ready to head back home and I’m hoping to be lying in my bed by midnight at the latest (yay for work tomorrow XD). BUT – I did get the chance […]

Camel Ride!

Today we got to go camel-riding! We did a morning expedition with Cabo Adventures where we got to ride camels along the beach, learn about cacti native to the area, and eat some very authentic-tasting Mexican cuisine! Our tour guide was hilarious and informative and the weather was breezy enough […]

Sunset cruise

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Good morning from Mexico! This morning is soooo peaceful  🙂 I wanted to share another photo from yesterday as it represents an ASTOUNDING maritime journey that my whole mom’s side of the family got to enjoy! We took a sunset cruise around Cabo’s most notable landmark – El Arco, or the […]

Pueblo Bonito Resort

Posting a bit late today because of having TOO MUCH DARN FUN since I got here! But I’m here now at my family’s resort and having a complete blast! Our tour guide Pikachu is here to give you a little look at the amazing view we’re privy to this trip  […]