Prism Jump!

Card #3 from the Malaysian anime bundle! This here is from a movie titled “King of Prism”, which is part of a series known as Pretty Rhythm. I’ve never watched Pretty Rhythm, but I can tell it’s a lot like the Aikatsu! series (which I’ve briefly talked about before… and […]

Gotta Watch More Ghiblis!

Here’s card #2 from the Malaysian anime bundle! This is another one featuring the wonderful world of Ghibli. This is looking up from the ravine that Mei finds herself in (I think?) I’m gonna have to get back into watching Ghibli films as I’ve received a number of recommendations (e.g. […]

The Wondrous World of Ghibli!

I received a whoooole bunch of anime cards from Malaysia! Ahhhh I’m excited to share these! But I’m going to resist sharing them all at once, and will instead share them periodically. There are a lot, so… yeah, here we go! We’ll start with one that many people can relate […]

“Rhino” a Guy…

I received this postcard from Malaysia! This is a design titled “Rhino in the City”, and it features the Sumatran rhino, the smallest species of rhinoceros in existence. If you want a frame of reference for how tall they are, the average horse is generally taller (these rhinos are about […]