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Aunties Who Play Kickball!

For this post, we have a cameo! It’s a boy coming to fetch his ball… and in front of the ball are – who would’ve guessed it? Auntie and Auntie! This one is postcard #9. The Aunties are standing in front of Kahvila Café (is this a real place? I […]

Aunties Who Blow Bubbles!

Sooooo I got spoiled with some rad Inge Löök cards sent from my dear friend in Finland – four to be exact! So you’re gonna get four Inge Löök posts thrown at you – enjoy! I know I will – it’s very light on the research, after all. Jeez, if […]

Löök at What I Got!

Oh snap we have a pretty well-known postcard series featured today from Finland! Many Postcrossers know of the Inge Löök postcards, which are highly sought by collectors. Inge Löök is a Finnish illustrator and a gardener – an intentional balance between indoor and outdoor activities. Her main postcard works are […]