Cucumber Patch Kids!

This postcard came to me from Indonesia! This illustration is a scene of the famous Indonesian folklore, Timun Mas, or “The Golden Cucumber”. This was a fascinating one to read about – I’ll give you a synopsis! So there’s an old lady living by the jungle, who wishes to have […]

Talking About My Personal Stupa!

I received this Official Postcrossing card from Indonesia! This was back in a time when the Postcrossing IDs for Indonesia were only at five digits. Now they’re at like 20. Okay that was an exaggeration. This one here shows a sight that I’ve talked about a number of times AND […]

The Land in the Sea, Revisited!

Here’s another one from Canada! This one features a landmark that I’ve covered a couple of times on AFPY… Tanah Lot! I will respectfully defer you to see Tyler’s post from July –, where he makes some sort of joke about researching this in a past life? What a […]

Three Facts About Jakarta!

Here is a New Year’s postcard from Indonesia! We have here a night city view of the oh-so well-known Jakarta, capital of Indonesia! I’ve spoken quite a bit about Jakarta before so let’s take a look at some random facts about this large city. 1.) Jakarta’s official nickname is The […]

It’s Been Five Years?!

I received this postcard from Indonesia! What a cool top-down view of the capital this is – you can even see the clouds! (Wait, no, Tyler, they’re markings from the postcard’s travel…) I’m sure at some point during my APFY “career” I’ve shared about Jakarta before… but I guess it […]