The Reichspost Sign!

This one is an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This is a neat card featuring the post office sign of the Deutsche Reichspost, dating back to 1900. Reichspost was the name given to the imperial postal service that started with the onset of the German Empire’s formation (1871) and gave […]

Selfies Like a 1400s Boss!

This postcard reached me from Germany! We’re gonna take a trip back about five centuries to the time of this painters existence – Albrecht Dürer! Dürer was a painter and printmaker from the Renaissance period (15th/16th centuries). While he did painting and some writing, his biggest artistic impact came from […]

The Queen of the North Sea!

This Official Postcrossing card came to me from Germany! This is a multiview of the northernmost island of Germany – Sylt! Sylt is just off the coast of the northwestern corner of the country, and it actually extends a bit beyond its border with Denmark. Known as the “Queen of […]

The Ins and Outs of Berlin!

This postcard is from Germany! We’ve got a multiview here of a few landmarks in Germany’s capital – Berlin. For as much research as I forwent this week, it’s only right that I do one that requires a lot of it. So let’s get to it! From left to right, […]


This is an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! I don’t think a translation is needed for this one – it’s a pretty clear display of splitting the work in a totally equal and totally fair way. How great it is to see both individuals putting in the same amount of […]

An Immaculate Moonrise!

This one’s a postcard from Germany! Check out this profound moonrise – could you imagine if the moon showed up like this? I occasionally imagine being able to see celestial objects and such at a much grander scale than we can see them. Like what if you could see Saturn […]

Life Guard on Duty!

Here’s another Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This one was bought during the sender’s trip to Denmark, which is a country I haven’t talked about in a long time! What you see here is the Royal Guard of Amalienborg Palace, located in the country’s capital of Copenhagen (western Denmark). This […]

A Monument for the Fallen

This is an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This card comes from Leipzig, a city in the state of Saxony (eastern Germany). I recently talked about Dresden, which is the capital of that state; Leipzig is the most populous city in it. This enshrouded landmark here is known as the […]