Cheese is love, cheese is life. This platter of awesomeness was served to me from the Netherlands! This shows a cheese market in the old city hall of Gouda, located in South Holland (in the east). Gouda is pronounced something like “HOW-da”… which pretty much invalidates every “gooda” pun I’ve […]

Draw A seagull

This is a cool Official Postcrossing card from Germany! The directions on how to construct this seagull are in Dutch – luckily the drawings themselves are not in any particular language – they are in the language of art! (…which I am also not fluent in XD) I have to […]

Dutch Paint

I realize I’ve been posting intermittently – they say that when this starts happening the consistence will never be the same. Like skipping a day of flossing. But let’s disprove that with a boatload of posts! This card is an Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands! The sender is an […]

Misty Castle

This postcard came to me over Official Postcrossing from the Netherlands! This cards is titled “Misty Castle”… and I don’t actually know where this is located (or if it’s just an incredibly-designed picture). This is from Postallove.com, one of the most popular postcard emporiums online, known for their “Greetings from” cards. […]