Meowry Christmas!

With the holidays now very close to being underway, I’ve got some easy posts to make! (That’s MY Christmas gift :P) This is an EXTRAORDINARY handmade Christmas card that was sent to me from Italy! This sender has drawn a number of beautiful cards for me, including the Pokemon one […]

My Cup of Tea!

This is a postcard from Russia! What we have here is a work drawn by Mariya Stupak, a Russian artist. Like Rina Zeniuk, there isn’t a whole lot about Mariya that I could find other than her works. Goes to show how under-the-radar some of these very talented artists are, […]

The Striped Thing-Haver!

This is a really interesting illustration card from Japan! This features a work by Higuchi Yuko, a painter living in Tokyo, Japan. Her works are veeeery detailed, and many of them feature bipedal cats! This one is from a series called “Sekaiichi no Neko”, which means… “cat of the world”? […]