A Church with a Twist!

This Official Postcrossing card hails from Germany! Today we’ll be talking about the village of Michelsneukirchen, located in the state of Bavaria (southeast Germany). This is a small village, with a population of less than 2,000, sitting in the Bavarian Forest between the Danube to the south and the Regen […]

A “Striking” Cathedral!

Here’s a card I got from Russia! This is the Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul, the oldest landmark of St. Petersburg. I’ve gotta say this first – last year I had received a card of a Ss. Johns’ Cathedral, and I wondered how it would be named if the […]

Kazan Cathedral, a Restored Wonder!

Here’s a pretty neat Official Postcrossing card from the United Kingdom! This is a look at a landmark in Russia’s capital, Moscow. This is Kazan Cathedral, an Orthodox church located in Red Square. As reference, Red Square is like the center square of the city, and it’s where you can […]

The First Non-English English Church!

Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from Canada! This card depicts the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City, which is just northeast of Montreal and Ottawa. Finished in 1804, it was the first Anglican cathedral constructed outside of the British Isles (modern day United Kingdom and Ireland). Anglicanism is […]