Singing the Cobalt Blues!

I received this postcard from China! I featured a couple of cards from this informative series sent by a different sender – this one features the blue and white pottery of China! This type of pottery is thought to have originated over a millennium ago; it became popular in the […]

What a Relief!

Here is a postcard from China! What’s shown here is Xiaoshang Bridge, a bridge located in Henan Province (which is kind of in the western part of the country). This bridge is oooold, dating back as far as 584 A.D.! As you can probably tell, this isn’t a very large […]

Tiny Bloomers!

This Official Postcrossing card came to me from China! Forgive me if it looks like the picture is upside-down – the writing on the back is rightside-up this way, though I was unsure if the flowers should be pointed upwards or downwards This is what happens when my brain is […]

Let’s Go to Town!

Here is #5 from the Chinese bundle! This is a movie advertisement card for the film “The Great Gatsby”, which is adapted from a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m wondering if anyone else had to read this back in high school – I remember it was the third required […]

You Cute, Ancient, Lazy & Adorable Creatures!

We’re only past the halfway point on these cards from China, folks! Here is #4, featuring the beloved giant panda! I did a post back in 2016, which you can check out here – This was back when I was somewhat funny apparently, so I made sure to include […]

Underrated Pin-Up Cards!

Card #3 comin’ right up! I believe this is part of a sort of pin-up postcard series featuring ladies clad in traditional adornments. I see this kind of postcard requested in Postcrossing profiles here and there and admittedly they’re a kind of overlooked series! This one especially stands out to […]

Who’s Your Dragon/Phoenix?

Here’s card #2 of the China parcel! This is of the Gate of Dragon and Phoenix, located in the city of Zunhua (Hebei Province – northeastern China). This gate was built some time between the 1400s to 1500s, and it precedes the Eastern Qing Tombs, which is an 80 sq. […]