Good Luck, Buddy…

“Good luck, buddy…” That’s the caption the sender of this Official Postcrossing card from Canada wrote on the back of it. Yeah, luck is the only thing that could ever help our fellow contender on the left here. That shotgun won’t so much as tickle that T-rex. F in the […]

The Aquatic Life is Comin’ Back!

I got this lovely postcard from Canada! Featured is the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, located in Stanley Park. About two years ago I did a bit on Stanley Park, which you can read at Anyway, the sender must know that I do research on whatever’s displayed on the […]

The Town Is Your Canvas!

This is an Official Postcrossing card that arrived from Canada! This photo was taken by the sender in Toronto, and then made into a postcard! The clarity of the photo is unreal to me – like, even with my DSLR I feel like I can’t achieve this kind of resolution […]

Light It Up at Niagara!

Check out this postcard from New York! This bangin’ card shows the glorious Niagara Falls, located between Ontario (Canada) and New York (US). Apparently I wrote a lot about the Falls a year ago – you can check out some details on it here and here! So something […]

Testing Positive for Positivity

This handmade postcard came to me from Canada! This was made using the side of a Kleenex box and a medical flier (which honestly goes pretty well together), and sprinkled with some cute Easter stickers. Besides the fact that I just love the resourcefulness of this sender, I have to […]

Sippin’ On Nectar!

I received this handmade card from Canada! Today we’re looking at a solar-powered hummingbird feeder (as if the large caption didn’t make it obvious), with a few patrons ordering takeout from it. Hummingbirds eat insects and nectar, and based on the little tiny ports in the decorative flowers, we can […]

The Worst Job…

This amazing handmade card hails from Canada, and boy is this a good one XD The use of a brownies box piece is very much intentional, too (I’m sure) XD Enjoy the laughs, my friends! (And to the sender, thank you soooo much for all the awesome cards you’ve sent […]