The Kooky Cool Kukeri!

Here’s a fascinating card from Bulgaria! Don’t be scared, my friends – these guys are here to save the day! Shown are the mummers of Bulgaria, which are also known as kukeri. If you’re not familiar with mummering, it’s a type of parading involving song, dance, skits, and some extremely […]

Varna, a Really Old Town!

Here’s a cool postcard from Bulgaria! This is like a part vintage, part multiview and perhaps part faux maxicard showing the sights of Varna, Bulgaria’s third-largest city. Varna can be found on the eastern coast, right next to the Black Sea, and it’s considered to be a seaside resort. This […]

The Big 150 Strikes Again!

150 YEARS OF POSTCARDS! I know I posted about this a few weeks ago but there’s no need to stifle the excitement, even when it becomes 151 years! This beautifully-made postcard hails from Bulgaria! It looks like this is an official postcard seeing as on the back it mentions the […]

Capital Sofia

Official Postcrossing card from Bulgaria! This shows this country’s capital – Sofia! This city, which is the largest in this country, is located on the eastern side of it. It gets its name from St. Sofia Church, which is shown on the bottom-right. This is the second-oldest church in Bulgaria, […]