Fawny Business!

I received this Official Postcrossing card from Australia! This is an art card titled “Fawn”, and it features exactly that. I couldn’t really tell who the original artist was, so please forgive me for another display of substandard research skills! This picture brings back memories of both watching Bambi and […]

Ballin’ In Melbourne!

I got this postcard from Australia! Some weeks ago I posted a similar card from the same sender (… but fear not, I ain’t so quick to just give myself a break on this post! *Procures whips and cracks it… on self… awkwardly…* As you can see, this is a […]

Why So Blue?

My brother’s second card to me is from Australia! This one is a multi-view of the Blue Mountains, a mountain range found in the state of New South Wales (southeastern part of the mainland, right above Victoria). This World Heritage Area contains 10,000 square km of natural beauty, in the […]

Trunk Versus Trunk!

Time to address the elephant in the room… this Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This shows a sight in Tasmania, Australia, at a place known as the Mount Elephant Pancake Barn.  Mount Elephant is a 300-meter high dormant volcano located in the southeastern part of the mainland (closest to Tasmania). […]

The Original Taz!

Come and admire this adorable postcard from Australia! Many of you may know what these little critters are called – they are Tasmanian devils! These guys can only be found in the archipelago of Tasmania, which is located south of the main Australian island. So, Tasmanian devils are marsupials with […]

Feeling Blue?

Check out this cool son of a gun from Australia! If you’re afraid of snakes, well, you’re in luck, ‘cause this here is not a snake! We instead have the privilege of meeting the blue-tongued lizard, or blue-tongued skink! This lizard is native to Australia. Visually-speaking, these guys are quite […]

A Maxicard

This lovely maxicard came to me from Australia through Official Postcrossing! For those who may not know, a maxicard – abbreviated from “maximum card” – is a card that has a postage stamp matching what’s on it, and the stamp is placed on the front. In this case, the maxicard […]