Show Me More!

Got this lovely postcard from Missouri! Front and center is the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, the second-largest city in the state (only second to Kansas City – yes, Kansas City is a city in Missouri, not Kansas!). St. Louis is located on the eastern side of the state, right […]

Old Barney’s Still A-Glowin’!

My grandmother sent me this postcard from a trip she went on to New Jersey! Mommom loves her first-born grandson hehe. This is a card showing Barnegat Lighthouse, or “Old Barney”, located in the northern tip of Long Beach Island, which sits off the coast of the state. The first […]

A Capitol with a Fiery History!

This one is an Official Postcrossing card from Virginia! Shown today is the Capitol building of Williamsburg, VA. For those not familiar with where Virginia is on the map: it’s on the eastern side of the US, a bit south of Pennsylvania and north of North Carolina. Williamsburg is on […]

Chibi Bakugo (anime NYC)

Hi its me, no not Tyler but Osfast, the webmaster of this site. I’m the behind the scenes guy who made this site and keeps it running. Tyler often sends me cute cards and always tries to pick things he knows it like. Just as this time he got me […]

Mmm, Tasty Campers!

Hide your spouse. Hide your kids. But most importantly… hide that bag of chili Doritos. “I told you to leave that at home, Warren!” This Official Postcrossing card reached me from North Carolina! This is a cool vintage poster of Blue Ridge Parkway, a 755-km park that extends through North […]

Step Five: Accidentally Overcook

This bangin’ recipe card came to me from Texas! As you can see, this is a recipe for pot stickers, a delicious treat that I haven’t had in quite a while. Pot stickers are a Chinese dish; they’re dumplings stuffed with meat/vegetables and pan-fried on one side, steamed on the […]

A Point of Inspiration!

A good friend of mine passed along this card to me from California! This is a look at the mountains of Yosemite National Park, located in central CA. This national park was first protected in 1864 and covers over 3,000 square kilometers. Yosemite National Park is largely known for its […]