67 Easter Bunnies in Finland!

Hello hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing phenomenally these days. Just felt like starting a post with a greeting, I realize I don’t normally do that. Anyway, here is a lovely meetup postcard from Finland! This is a virtual meetup card celebrating Easter and held on the first of April. […]

Testing Positive for Positivity

This handmade postcard came to me from Canada! This was made using the side of a Kleenex box and a medical flier (which honestly goes pretty well together), and sprinkled with some cute Easter stickers. Besides the fact that I just love the resourcefulness of this sender, I have to […]

The Friends of Finland!

We’ve got another online meetup card here now, this time from Finland! So check this out – this card design here is in the “Greetings From” style, featuring the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association. This is a group that organizes meetups and events in the country to bring people of this […]

Buon Natale!

This lovely handmade postcard is from Italy! By now, I feel this style has garnered enough spotlight to hold a very high reputation on this page! Antonella is back with another creative work, featuring some of the joys of Christmas! Hey, my little Christmas tree is still up, so that […]

All the Things!

A dear friend of mine from Finland sent this one to me just the other day! My mailbox seems to be the home for so many sweet and kind notes these days – and while I do think there are things about me that don’t fall into the “best thing” […]