Chibi Bakugo (anime NYC)

Hi its me, no not Tyler but Osfast, the webmaster of this site. I’m the behind the scenes guy who made this site and keeps it running. Tyler often sends me cute cards and always tries to pick things he knows it like. Just as this time he got me […]

Sending Out Postcards!

As beautiful petals on a flower wilt, so too must a wonderful trip come to a close. I’m getting ready to head back home and I’m hoping to be lying in my bed by midnight at the latest (yay for work tomorrow XD). BUT – I did get the chance […]

Camel Ride!

Today we got to go camel-riding! We did a morning expedition with Cabo Adventures where we got to ride camels along the beach, learn about cacti native to the area, and eat some very authentic-tasting Mexican cuisine! Our tour guide was hilarious and informative and the weather was breezy enough […]

Sunset cruise

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Good morning from Mexico! This morning is soooo peaceful  🙂 I wanted to share another photo from yesterday as it represents an ASTOUNDING maritime journey that my whole mom’s side of the family got to enjoy! We took a sunset cruise around Cabo’s most notable landmark – El Arco, or the […]

Pueblo Bonito Resort

Posting a bit late today because of having TOO MUCH DARN FUN since I got here! But I’m here now at my family’s resort and having a complete blast! Our tour guide Pikachu is here to give you a little look at the amazing view we’re privy to this trip  […]


So today’s travel is going to be to Los Cabos, Mexico!! I’m so excited for this trip and to finally visit another country in my own continent! I’m bringing my Traveling Pikachu with me – he goes with me whenever I embark on adventures near and far. Expect a couple […]

bye bye, big boy

Good day everyone! I wanted to let you all know that in two days, I will be doing another travel! I get to scratch off another visited country off my map here – the destination? To be revealed in tomorrow’s post! I will say that the trip will be a […]


The sender of the Sinulog dancer card from the Philippines also sent me this cute card! This fellow here is Upcat. You might know his relative, Updog. “Tyler, what’s updog?” “Nothin’ much, what about you, dawg?” Oh how I yearn for the impossible world where people fall for my outdated […]

Silent People

Check out this postcard from Finland! The sender of this card is the same as the sender of the Superguineapig card with the lovely manga stamp, and she so kindheartedly sent me the other type of manga stamp on this card! (Which I’ll post in the comments). I have such […]


Yesterday’s handmade card came with another card showing a view of Turin, Italy! Turin (“Torino” in Italian) is located in the Piedmont region, in the northwestern part of the country. What you see here is the Mole Antonelliana, considered to be the most recognizable landmark of the city. “Mole” means […]