Tyler Wood

Got Your Nose!

I received this postcard from Belgium! Actually, it’s more like Belg-yum! ‘Cause we’re talkin’ about cuberdons today! Cuberdons are the conical candies you see here. At first I thought they were those plastic granules used in manufacturing. These look tasty so I’m glad that’s not the case! Cuberdons are Belgian […]

Singing the Cobalt Blues!

I received this postcard from China! I featured a couple of cards from this informative series sent by a different sender – this one features the blue and white pottery of China! This type of pottery is thought to have originated over a millennium ago; it became popular in the […]

A “Taal” Order!

I received this postcard from the Philippines! This is a look at Taal Volcano, located in Batangas province. Batangas is found in Luzon, the largest and northernmost of the islands. This is a bit of a crude comparison but Luzon’s shape reminds me of the profile of the alien from […]

What a Relief!

Here is a postcard from China! What’s shown here is Xiaoshang Bridge, a bridge located in Henan Province (which is kind of in the western part of the country). This bridge is oooold, dating back as far as 584 A.D.! As you can probably tell, this isn’t a very large […]