Got this wonderful postcard from New York! I feel like there’s never a bad shot of Times Square – it always just looks so swell (well, maybe not during the first half of the 1900s when it was in its seedier phase). I’m gonna send you all to my chain of Times Square postcards at, where you can learn some interesting facts about this incredibly bustling section of the city. I’ll even throw in a bonus card from 2014 (, back when I was too lazy to write more than four lines for a post! Anyway, regardless of how much I’ve already covered Times Square, it’s customary to include a fun fact. So here’s a fun fact for you all! What kind of shape do you think Times Square takes? If you guessed “square”, I regret to say I will have to withhold my congratulatory cookie from you. It’s actually two triangles! Times Square is considered to be a town square, however its actual geometric shape comes from how 7th Avenue intersects Broadway, making a sort of bowtie shape. You can sort of see it here too – where that “NEW YORK” sign in the middle sits is one of the points where the roads intersect. Furthermore, the northern triangle is known as Duffy Square, while the southern triangle doesn’t really have a name. Very peculiar naming conventions, though oddly I kind of understand it. And by the way, I was joking about the congratulatory cookie – you can have one regardless because you read all the way to the end of my post. And because you’re awesome and deserve cookies. Thank you so much for another marvelous postcard and for all your kindness, Willa!