I got this Official Postcrossing card from Germany as well! What’s shown here is Hiddensee Island, an island that’s located in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea, by the way, is that body of water that sits between Sweden and countries like Germany, Poland, etc. So Hiddensee Island is just off the north coast of Germany. This island is a long strip of land (nearly 17 km), and no more than 4 km wide at any point. So what’s so cool about this place? I think the number one thing it has to boast is its unspoiled natural beauty. For one, cars are not allowed on the island, nor are there any other forms of public transportation other than that by water. This also isn’t really a big tourist spot, so if you’re looking for a place to relax and avoid the crowds, hop on a ferry and come here! Hiddensee Island has plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping and cycling. If you’re a lover of more sedentary things, they also have movie theatres/cinemas inside large tents! Check out Zeltkino Hiddensee for an example of what I’m talking about – pretty old-fashioned but honestly really neat. While you’re here, you can also check out Dornbusch Lighthouse, which is found on the first of the three panels on this card. This is a lighthouse that was built in the late 1800s, and opened to the public only in recent decades. This lighthouse is considered to be the symbol of the island, and it has even been featured on stamps issued by the Deutsche Post. And now, what kind of post-writer would I be if I didn’t talk about the local cuisine? Hiddensee Island’s culinary staples especially includes a whole lot of fish. Things like mackerel, flounder and herring are among the most largely-used fish for dishes. I’m already very hungry as I’m writing this, so I’m somewhat regretting looking up pictures of the Bismarck rolls they have, which are basically herring sandwiches. I’ve had herring before (shouts out to my trip to Amsterdam) and it rocked my world. I think I’ll end it on that note and go grab a snack (hmm maybe I have a can of sardines in my home, at the very least…) Thanks a lot for sending me this lovely postcard!