Ah, this here Official Postcrossing card from Japan… you can’t imagine the utter hysteria I underwent when I received it. No I’m serious – I had a classic nerd fanboy moment. This postcard shows a Lynn Minmay, a character from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite anime franchises, Macross! I can’t stress to you how much I adore this series – like, I rave about a lot of the anime cards I receive, but this (along with Aikatsu) are among my top 10 franchises. And that’s after having seen like 300+ anime shows/movies! Where do I even begin with this? Ah, right – a synopsis. I can probably even give a decent general synopsis without any research (and that says a lot, because I don’t retain stuff all that easily). Macross is an original anime series created in 1982 featuring the glorious combination of mechas (robots like Gundam) and idols. This might seem like a cheesy fusion if you’re imagining AKB48 members singin’ away while Optimus Prime and Megatron duke it out. But the execution of the concept is brilliant, by the 80s’ standards and by contemporary ones. In short, fierce war is waged between Earth and a race of humanoid warriors known as the Zentradi, who only live, sleep, eat and breathe fighting. Slight spoilers up ahead… after some fighting ensues (using ships and fighter mechas), it is discovered that this brutal, war-bred species has a humongous weakness towards human culture, particularly with things like love and song. Lynn Minmay, depicted on this card, ultimately becomes the leading force in subduing the opposition by singing during the battles, which empowers the Earth fighters and shakes up the adversaries. BTW I’m grossly summarizing the story – I CANNOT recommend this anime enough, for as strange as it might be, it’s SO GOOD! So yeah, Minmay – a waitress at a Chinese restaurant turned idol, one of the very first to exist in anime. She’s known for songs such as “My Boyfriend is a Pilot”, which is the very first song featured in the show. Though she could honestly be quite bratty at times and is really fickle with her romantic interests, she’s a key figure in the Macross series, and would be later looked up to by idols in subsequent series, like Macross Frontier and Macross Delta. I’ll be sharing a few other Macross postcards that I received from this sender too, and I’m excited to do so, because I am CRAZY about this series! Thank you loads and loads and loads for this extraordinary postcard!