This one is an Official Postcrossing card from Switzerland! I believe this postcard shows the Alps, the longest mountain range that’s completely in Europe. It goes through eight countries with its 1,200 km of peaky mass, and it’s shaped like a crescent, forming a sort of “barrier” around northern Italy as it wraps around. The Alps are informally split into the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps, and then divided further by the countries they occupy (French Alps, Swiss Alps, Italian Alps, etc.). Generally speaking, the Western Alps have higher peaks, including the highest peak in the Alps and second-highest in Europe – Mont Blanc – which sits at 4,810 meters tall. To put that into perspective, let’s use a European landmark… how about the Eiffel Tower? That’s nearly 15 Eiffel Towers high! Fun fact: the dessert known as Mont Blanc is made to look like a snow-capped peak, which is exactly what the real Mont Blanc is! Mont Blanc isn’t the only high peak in the Alps, though – there are nearly a hundred other peaks, called “four-thousanders”, that pass the 4,000 meter mark (at least 12 Eiffel Towers high). Now if only we could have more desserts named after them, right? Speaking of snow-capped delicacies – er, I mean, mountains – because the Alps get a lot of snow and rain, and because their peaks are so high up, the precipitation turns to ice, and then flows down into the basins below, forming glacial lakes that are insanely clear. I mean, take a look at this one – I kid you not, when I uploaded the photo of this card to the Postcrossing site, I initially had it upside-down because I mistook the crystalline reflection as the actual mountain range XD I have heard many great things about the Alps’ beauty, and photos like this capture that beauty perfectly. It need not be sugarcoated… unless of course we’re still talking about desserts. I’ll stop. For some more fun in the Swiss Alps, feel free to check out – we’ve got a couple four-thousanders and one “almost four-thousander” on deck. Thank you so much for this gorgeous postcard, Claudia!