Here is postcard #2 of the mini batch from Japan! So in the last post, we talked a bit about Macross and Lynn Minmay, the singing goddess of the series. Now we’re bringing you the main protagonist, Hikaru Ichijyo! Hikaru is a fighter pilot in the battles against the Zentradi, and he gets caught up in the war after “borrowing” a fighter ship to do some stunts during a ceremony that was being held on Earth, just prior to an offensive launched by the Zentradi. Hikaru’s kind of your typical protagonist archetype for mecha animes of the 80s – overall a good guy, and a very good pilot. Given his youth, though, he’s pretty obstinate at times, especially towards his superior officer, Misa Hayase, whom I’ll talk about in the next post. Hikaru is also caught up in a love triangle between Minmay and Hayase, and at times it seems like he’s almost as indecisive as Minmay when it comes to romantic interests. Despite some of his more frustrating actions, he’s a noble member of the Macross series and a very worthy subject for an APFY post. Thank you bunches for this postcard!