This Official Postcrossing card dropped by my mailbox from Germany! This rad-lookin’ building is the Elbphilharmonie, or Elbe Philharmonic Hall (often nicknamed Elphi), a concert hall in the city of Hamburg (northern Germany). Okay, for starters, take a moment to stop reading my post and just look at how cool this structure is. I’m seeing evening views of this building online too and they are just… they’re darn amazing! And the inside is a sight to behold as well! Oh, and if you’re inside and somehow manage to peel your gaze away from the beautiful Grand Hall to look outside, you’ll still be in awe! Elphi lies on a peninsula that extends into the Elbe River, which is why it has its name. So you’ve got water all around you. This concert hall is very new – its construction began in 2007, and only just hosted its first concert in 2017. Its acoustics, designed by acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, are achieved by lining the walls with 10,000 gypsum fiber panels. Imagine taking the back of a seashell and imprinting it into a slab a bunch of times – that’s what one of these panels looks like! It was done as a way to absorb and disperse sound evenly (that’s the oversimplified explanation). Another unique feature of this building is its 82m-long “tube” escalator, which goes directly from the main entrance to the café area (a neat place like this has to have a café area), where one can then ascend to the other parts of the concert hall on the subsequent escalator. It’s got a sweet curve to it too. Oh – and there’s also a hotel and even residential apartments! I can only imagine what it’d be like to live in a place like this. Probably expensive as anything, but when I retire as a millionaire I’ll be sure to have my spot reserved in advance. (Spoiler alert for my life: I won’t become a millionaire.) Thank you lots for sending me this marvelous postcard!