This postcard reached me from Minnesota! I was given the opportunity to add another lovely feline to my collection of lovely feline cards! This tiger here is a resident of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, located in Boyd, Texas (kinda close to Dallas in northeast Texas). This was a sanctuary established in the 1980s that is home to rescued lions, tigers, bears (oh my), and wolves. When I say “rescued”, I’m referring to when they are saved from abusive environments, such as under private owners who do for-profit breeding. I mentioned in a previous post about ligers and how such hybrid breeding can yield very unhealthy consequences for big cats born this way. There’s also a lot of illegal trade that goes on with big cats and other large animals, for purposes such as domestication (far more instances of this happen than one might think). Let’s just be frank – these lovelies are not meant to be pets. So the IEAS makes it a point to rescue such animals! They then follow through by offering them a very spacious environment that emulates their natural habitat, which is important for animals like these. Always makes me glad to read about efforts to help save exploited beauties like these, because learning about such organizations is usually preceded by me reading about all the bad things that happen to them. For more info on tigers, feel free to check out my chain of posts here at! Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful postcard!