This Official Postcrossing card is from Russia! This work of art was painted by Klavdy Lebedev, a Russian realist painter of the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was a member of The Wanderers, which was a group of realist painters in Russia who formed to oppose academic restrictions in the world of art. This group that Lebedev was a part of was spurred by an incident at the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts, where a bunch of students declined to partake in one of the annual art competitions because of the proposed subject matter being too focused on history painting, or painting that takes roots in classical history or things like mythology. Instead, they decided to form their own group (The Wanderers) and host exhibits featuring art that focused on contemporary life in Russia. This piece here is titled something along the lines of “Tsar Ivan the Terrible Asks Hegumen Kornily to Take Him to the Monks”, and is an example of one of Lebedev’s works. Granted, Ivan the Terrible’s reign happened centuries before this painting was done, so it’s not really what I’d call “contemporary”, however I think the idea is that these sorts of realist paintings set themselves apart from “history paintings” in their more down-to-earth portrayals. Like, history paintings seem to have a lot more sensationalism behind them (e.g. with war painting). That’s more of an observer’s note, though, and this observer (the admin of APFY) is known to miss things. Just sayin’. Anyway, thank you so much Dmitry for sending me this postcard!