This Official Postcrossing card made its way to me from Austria! This card endorses the town of Podersdorf am See, located in the state of Burgenland in the easternmost side of the country. It sits to the east of Lake Neusiedl, which travels through both Austria and Hungary. This lake serves as a huge point of attraction for tourism. Hotels are available by the lake for a nice, relaxing view; boat tours are held for those interested in a one-hour tour of the surrounding areas by water; watersports, such as windsurfing, sailing and swimming, can be done at the lake, and they’re made a little more enjoyable and convenient with the lake’s low water level and comfortable temperatures (especially in the summer); oh yeah, and the quality of the water is perfect for bathing as well! And if you prefer to stay on the land, but still enjoy liquids in some capacity, Podersdorf am See is also known for its winemaking. The climate of the town and the humidity of the lake help make for ideal conditions for grape ripening, and good grapes equals good wine. If you’re looking for a place in the town to taste some wine, you won’t have to look hard – vineyards are aplenty. And naturally, when you go on your boat tour, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass as you look out over the water. Oh, good segue opportunity: this card translates to something to the effect of “Residual alcohol? I do not know. I always drink up.” That’s probably a very primitive translation, but to me, it means that the wine of Podersdorf am See is just too darn good to leave even the slightest dregs. Thanks a bunch for this postcard!