Here’s Germany once again! This time, though, we’re showing off an absolutely adorable postcard from a Postcrossing meetup at the Berlin Zoo! This zoo, opened in 1844, is the oldest standing and most well-known zoo in the country. I never thought about using a zoo as a Postcrossing meetup venue before, but it’s such a great idea! I will be keeping this in mind the next time I decide to host one. The best part is – even if no one shows up, I can still maybe get the animals to join and like, leave a pawprint mark or something on each card (then it’d be a Pawstcrossing meetup? I’m sorry, I really am…) As it turns out, though, this meetup had a sizable Postcrosser turnout. I really, really like this design, it’s incredibly cute <3 Thank you so much for thinking of me, Riek! I hope your time in Berlin was nothing less than amazing!