This one is a postcard I received from India! This is titled “A Lady Reading Letter”, and letters are the topic of today’s post! Letter-writing is something that goes back to ancient times, in areas such as India, Egypt, China, Mesopotamia (the world’s earliest known civilization), and spots in modern-day Greece and Italy. This all started with rulers of civilizations needing to correspond with each other. They were a *few* years too early to Snapchat each other, so they resorted to written correspondence to bridge the distance. Of course, “postal services” of that era were a lot different from how they are now. As a matter of fact, the first stamped letter wasn’t until the 1800s – a few thousand years later! Anyway, letter-writing over time served a number of uses: providing information, practicing literacy, sharing thoughts and ideas, and even just saying “hi”. It’s funny to imagine how we regard ancient letters as a wealth of historical and ethnographic information (which is accurate!), when they were often just… people talking to each other! Naturally, with the onset of telephonic communications and later the Internet, letter-writing dropped off significantly, though it’s become sort of a hobby thing now, as it is for quite a few Postcrossers! It reminds me of that one meme showing the shift in excitement toward emails and letters over time ( – if you’re curious!). Let’s keep both letter-writing and of course postcard-writing alive! Thank you so much for your generosity once again, Sagar!