I got this Official Postcrossing card from Wisconsin! At first I thought this was a standard painting card and anticipated trying to find the original painter. Turns out it’s actually from a set of cards featuring pulp magazine covers! Pulp magazines are fiction magazines that were printed on cheap pulp paper. They were printed towards the end of the 1800s and up until the late 1950s, and they were particularly big in the 1930s during the American Great Depression, since it provided inexpensive entertainment for the working classes. These works of fiction embodied many genres: horror, romance, action, mystery, etc. – quite a hit especially with the more mature audiences, especially when you have pin-up ladies concealing revolvers featured on the covers (I’m talking about this one – bet you didn’t see the revolver the first time looking at it. Neither did I :P) Speaking of the covers, these were done using higher-quality material as they were the main selling feature of the magazine. If you were to see some covers online, you’d see the gaudy colors, the sensational font, and perhaps a little sex appeal. Many times, the covers were even designed first, and then the content written afterwards. Grabbing a potential reader’s attention was that much of a focus! Naturally, with the onset of new forms of literature and entertainment, like comics and TV, these magazines went on the decline. They did, however, influence the entertainment industry in both subtle and conspicuous ways, as quite a few modern media are more or less based off of the genres introduced by pulp magazines. Thanks for sharing this postcard with me, Kyle! (Kyle has mentioned that he’s happy to look for others to swap with, so if you’d like to do so his username on PC is KB9NPT 🙂 )