Check out this card from Florida! Miami Beach is the subject of today’s post! So fun fact right off the bat – Miami and Miami Beach are two different cities! I honestly didn’t know that, thought Miami Beach was like a subset of Miami. But both exist within Miami-Dade County, located at the southeastern tip of the state. Miami Beach sits on a series of barrier islands that are just off the coast of mainland Miami, separated by Biscayne Bay. So now that we’ve painted the geographical picture… let’s talk about Miami Beach! This is a resort city that’s considered to be one of the oldest and most popular beach destinations in the country. It’s about 20 square km in area, and is renowned just as much for its sandy beaches as it is for its entertainment district. The city is broken up into multiple sections, with a pretty stark contrast between the northern ones and South Beach (really I’m just singling out South Beach, but I’ll explain!) In the north, where you have Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour, Surfside, North Beach and Mid Beach, one can expect to see the residential district, with a lot of upscale development, a nice distribution of restaurants/shops/hotels, and a generally quieter and more layback vibe. Tons of beauty to be admired here, too. And then all the way at the southern tip, you have South Beach (who would’ve guessed?), which is considered to be the most touristy spot of the area. It’s got a ton of trendy restaurants, bars and boutiques – a glimpse of that can be seen here on this card, which was taken of Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean (the ocean on the east side of the islands), and is THE spot for nightlife in the city. Imagine cruisin’ on through, with music of all sorts playing, and pedestrians here and there, and neon signs emanating all kinds of colors (that could either be a source of joyful awe or sheer overwhelm, depends on the person I guess haha). This is also where Miami Beach’s Art Deco District lies, which is a historical area containing tons of buildings from the early 1900s – the largest concentration of buildings of this architectural style in the world. If I had to briefly describe Art Deco: heavy on geometric shapes, very opulent-looking, kinda Broadway-like – think Radio City or Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. Oh – Colony Hotel is Art Deco! And that’s right on this card! Okay I could talk more about this, but my word count is already equal to over half of the number of Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach (there are 800+ of these buildings, if you’re curious, and my word count is almost 500). Thank you lots and lots for sending this to me on your trip to Florida, Willa!