This Official Postcrossing card comes from Spain! Shown here is the Sanctuary of Our-Lady of the Fuensanta, a Roman Catholic church located in Algezares, a village in the region of Murcia (southeastern Spain). This church was built in 1694 upon the site of the remains of a medieval chapel, and its architecture resembles the baroque style. “Baroque”, when it comes to architecture, generally involves an emphasis on ornateness and grandeur, which you can especially see with that very detailed-looking façade. The sanctuary is dedicated to the patron saint, the Virgin of the Fuensanta, who had replaced the previous patron saint, the Virgin of the Arrixaca. How did this promotion/demotion happen? The story is, when the church was built, there was a big drought that threatened the wellbeing of crops. Just a bit of background on the Virgin of the Fuensanta: “Fuensanta” in Spanish means “holy fountain”, and it was the name given to the Virgin during the 15th century who appeared after the spring nearby to the sanctuary site miraculously showed up, as per legend. So as this drought was happening, people requests to the current patron saint at the time (Virgin of the Arrixaca) for rain. Didn’t work – seemed to fall on deaf ears. So the people instead prayed to this Virgin of the Fuensanta… and boom! Rain, rain, rain! This happened on multiple occasions as well, eventually leading people to make Ms. Fuensanta their patron saint. Today, the Virgin of the Fuensanta is still honored as twice a year, her statue in the sanctuary is moved out, taken through the streets and brought to Murcia Cathedral, and then brought back. The day she is brought back to the sanctuary is a public holiday in Murcia, and as such, many people join the procession to walk her back. If you ever stop by Murcia and you notice the crops are lookin’ thirsty (or I guess if you’re thirsty too), feel free to give the Virgin of the Holy Fountain a ring! Thank you for sending me this lovely postcard!