Got this super rad Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands! I’ve shown a number of Naruto cards on this page before, and I can now add another to the grandness of my collection! Shown on this card are two very important characters in the franchise: Sasuke Uchiha (left) and Naruto Uzumaki (right). I don’t dare delve too far into spoiler territory with these two as they are a HUGE part of the manga/anime series (I haven’t seen this series yet and I’m sure many others haven’t either), however I will say that their relationship as friends, brothers and rivals is highly renowned across the fandom of this medium. If you’re curious about some of my other Naruto posts, feel free to check out this one: or this one:! Or how about Neji Hyūga’s profile at, or Haku’s post at We’ve got Naruto cards for days here at APFY! And it’s all thanks to such generous senders 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this one with me, Marja!