Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! I think quite of you will be familiar with what’s featured today! I didn’t recognize it initially, but that’s because I’m uncultured. Anyway, today’s topic is Pippi Longstocking! This was a book created in 1945 by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, and was adapted into a TV series in 1969. As a brief synopsis, Pippi is an orphan who used to travel with her father on his ship, until having to move into a home her father owned known as Villa Villekula after he is lost at sea. So she then lives on her own, with a horse and her pet monkey Mr. Nielsson. Pippi is energetic, adventurous and just happy all around, and though she lacks certain manners and social graces, she is very kind to those around her. As you can see, she has whimsical braids that match her personality, shoes that are too big, and mismatching stockings which – who would’ve guessed it – are long. The book goes on to tell of the adventures she takes part in, with the company of her neighbors and playmates, Annika and Thomas, as she goes “thing-finding”, temporarily joins a circus, deals with burglars, and even rescues people from a fire (oh yeah, she’s also way abnormally strong). I cited the 1969 TV series that was adapted from the book, but there are MANY other adaptations of this renowned work, including cartoon versions. “Pippi Longstocking” was a name I heard so many times in my life, but never knew who she was. I feel honored to finally be enlightened! Thank you so much for sharing this card with me!