Here’s an Official Postcrossing card that came to me from Missouri! I think I may have posted a card from the “Fun Facts” series here before – today’s fun fact is about hamburgers! “Liberty Sandwiches” (alternatively, “Liberty Steaks”) was a term proposed in the US for hamburgers to steer away from German references during the WWI period. This was purportedly also done for sauerkraut, which became “Liberty Cabbage”, dachshunds, which became “Liberty Pups”, and even German measles, which became “Liberty Measles”. Especially with that “measles” one… it gives me the same energy as “Who root canal” from the 2008 “Horton Hears a Who” animated film. Then there’s also the notion of considering a hamburger a sandwich… but I’m not here to spark the REAL fiery debates. Let’s just all enjoy our hamburgers (or lentil & mushroom burgers, those things are GOOD) and let their flavors bring liberty to our taste buds. Thanks so much for sending me this wonderful postcard, Crystal!