This is an Official Postcrossing card from Poland! I can’t be 100% certain (my life in general is a lack of certainty… but that’s another story…), but I believe this is a promotional card for a painting exhibition held at Między Nami Café, based on what I read from the front and back. Między Nami Café is located in Warsaw (the capital), and it’s a place known for its great food selection (to include vegan menu items), chill setting, enjoyable music, and trendy interior. With as much as this café integrates art & entertainment into its atmosphere, I’m wondering if this promotional card means it hosted this painting exhibition within its midst? Any additional insight appreciated! I’ll even treat you to lunch at the café with a “definitely legit, I swear it” APFY-branded voucher. Thank you very much for sending me this postcard, Mariola!