This Official Postcrossing card hails from Germany! Today we’ll be talking about the village of Michelsneukirchen, located in the state of Bavaria (southeast Germany). This is a small village, with a population of less than 2,000, sitting in the Bavarian Forest between the Danube to the south and the Regen to the east. Its history goes back as far as the Middle Ages, where it stood as a Bavarian border town. During the Thirty Years’ War in the 1600s, much of the village was set to ruin, resulting in a lot of reconstruction needing to be done. One such building that was reconstructed is the parish church of St. Michael, the Catholic church shown on this card. This was originally set to be rebuilt in the mid-1600s, but had to be postponed until the early 1700s due to the onset of another war (the War of the Spanish Succession) taking place nearby. It has since gained a number of new components, such as a new organ, a new crucifix, and that cool-lookin’ onion top (the old church had a pointed tower instead, so this is a lovely change of pace). An interesting fact: on the middle panel of this card, you can see the renewed interior of the church. I know it’s REALLY hard to see, but there are four columns up at the high altar. They all have a twisting pattern that goes in the same direction – except for one, which goes in the opposite direction! (That’s the second from the right.) This was a mistake that occurred when the column was delivered. Instead of asking for a refund, though, they kept it as representation of the archangel Lucifer, who is in a sense “turning away” from the rest of the archangels. I’ve gotta give ‘em a high-five for making the best of that situation – a sense of resilience that seems to have pervaded throughout the Michelsneukirchen’s whole history! Thank you so much for this awesome card and for your kindness, Kerstin!