Month: August 2021

Make It Rain!

This Official Postcrossing card comes from Spain! Shown here is the Sanctuary of Our-Lady of the Fuensanta, a Roman Catholic church located in Algezares, a village in the region of Murcia (southeastern Spain). This church was built in 1694 upon the site of the remains of a medieval chapel, and […]

A “Thank You” to the Front Lines!

This Official Postcrossing card arrived from Germany! This beautifully designed postcard gives a shout-out to the medical workers of Rhineland-Palatinate, a state located in the southwestern part of the country, as well as to all health workers in general. The past two years have been extraordinarily tough for a lot […]

When You Notice She’s Got a Gun…

I got this Official Postcrossing card from Wisconsin! At first I thought this was a standard painting card and anticipated trying to find the original painter. Turns out it’s actually from a set of cards featuring pulp magazine covers! Pulp magazines are fiction magazines that were printed on cheap pulp […]

No Junk Mail, Please!

Another Official Postcrossing card from Russia today! This one shows a neat little postbox based in New Zealand. This one looks a bit more antiquated than its modern counterparts, which have flat tops and remind me a lot of old Coca-Cola vending machines. While the design of this postbox is […]

The Millennium City of Kursk!

This one is another Official Postcrossing card from Russia! This one shows the city of Kursk, located on the far west side of the country, roughly 100 km away from the Ukrainian border. This city is considered to be a religious and cultural center of Russia, and its existence is […]

Gurn and Say “Cheese”!

Here’s a card that made me smile (and then attempt a gurn)! This Official Postcrossing card is from the United Kingdom! This is kind of a maxicard-style postcard featuring the World Gurning Championships, which I had absolutely no idea existed, for 1.) I didn’t know what “gurning” was, and 2.) […]

Go, Kitty, Go!

This Official Postcrossing postcard is from Wisconsin! This features a painting by Michael Sowa, a German painter and illustrator born in 1945. Sowa is known for his surreal, kind of cartoon-like style, and has done works for things like books, magazine covers, and musical album covers. For some reason the […]