Got this bangin’ menu item over Official Postcrossing from Russia! Today’s hors d’oeuvres are shrimp with hardboiled eggs! I’ve never actually seen a pairing like this before. Though there may have been a time I had shrimp in an omelet before (unless that was just a dream. Of course I dream about food… I mean, c’mon now…) So scenario time – a waiter/waitress is walking around during cocktail hour (it’s some arbitrary person’s wedding… not mine LOL…) and they present you with this tray of morsels. What do you grab first? The shrimp? The hardboiled egg? Both? Do you just tell them to leave the tray on the table next to you? (That one’s my answer for sure…) Or do you decline and go for something else? I don’t even know if shrimp & eggs is an appropriate cocktail hour snack. I just wanted to make this a funny post. I like food. Will be someone’s “+1” as a wedding guest for it. Thank you so much for the tantalizing postcard, Anton!