I got this rad vintage-style postcard over Official Postcrossing from Michigan! I’m actually highly considering getting this card printed as canvas art (which they do have for sale!) As a “space cadet” who loves his personal time, this is the embodiment of my lifestyle XD The idea of a mancave is always something I’ve coveted, and I guess when 2015 arrived, I was given that gift in the form of a whole apartment! But it’s really only in recent years that I’ve considered it as a sort of “mancave”, replete with tech, memorabilia, décor, books and other fun stuff. And I can’t forget to mention the comfiest memory foam bean bag chair in the world (thanks for that, Mom). I’m really tempted to get that canvas art I mentioned – the only thing holding me back is needing to cut back on spending after a recent vehicle purchase. And no, I didn’t get a rocket ship… but that’s on the wishlist. Thank you so much for this astronomical card, Carol!