I got this lovely postcard from Canada! Featured is the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, located in Stanley Park. About two years ago I did a bit on Stanley Park, which you can read at https://apostcardforyou.com/2019/06/who-can-blame-em/. Anyway, the sender must know that I do research on whatever’s displayed on the front, so she chose a card that already had the facts listed (at least that’s the story I’m coming up with) *high-five*. But of course I’ll add a bit to it out of due diligence! One interesting fact is that due to the pandemic, the aquarium was gonna go out of business… however the ownership of it was transferred to an American organization, which reversed the aquarium’s fate and guaranteed reopening at some point! Just looking at images of this aquarium, it looks BEAUTIFUL. And you can even check out the live cams of some of the aquarium residents! (Check out the Baby Otter Cam for infinite adorableness :P) Quite understandable why this would be a top tourist destination in British Columbia. Thank you lots for sending me this postcard and for all your generosity!