Now this is a hard-hitting Official Postcrossing card from Canada… and I say “hard-hitting” because it jives so well with the lifestyle that I one day wanna achieve. This card is from the work “Everything Is Connected: Reimagining the World One Postcard at a Time” by Canadian author Keri Smith. Keri’s works usually involve elements of interactivity, where it’s up to the reader to “complete the book” or perform the actions on the pages. For example, a dear friend of mine (shouts out to Ulli) sent me one of Keri’s books back in 2014 titled “The Imaginary World of _______”, where the reader creates an entire world of their own with the help of numerous prompts and imaginative tools. Keri’s works largely promote creativity and acceptance of imperfections, which I think is insanely cool. I’ve been periodically working on creating my world and I plan to continue it! Anyway, if you check out these coupons here, you’ll get a pretty good idea of some of the values Keri emphasizes. I see spontaneity, imagination, enjoying the little things, living in the present, curiosity, and what I call “stopping to smell the roses”, to name a few. If I can be real with you all for a bit, it is always on my mind to live my life not on autopilot. But while it’s easy to remind myself of that I SHOULD do that, it’s often difficult for me to follow through and actually step away from a rush, rush, rush lifestyle enveloping my life on a consistent basis. I feel I’ve made progress with it and through reminders from many, many sources, I continue to make that progress. But I still let myself get stressed out about small, dumb things, and there are still many times where I set myself into an inflexible routine. I guess that’s part of being human… but it doesn’t mean I should let my humanness prevent me from living a full life! I will share these coupons with you all – please feel free to take one or all eight of them. If I, as a 29-year-old absentminded introvert, may be allowed to say: live your lives with much consciousness and few inhibitions. Live freely, hug tightly, chew slowly, and smile even when no one is looking. I’ll keep telling myself those things too! Thank you for letting me have a soapbox moment, and thanks to the sender for picking this amazing postcard for me!