Here’s an Official Postcrossing postcard from Russia! The more Mars postcards I receive, the more I continue to reminisce about my childhood there. Or is it more of a “past life” sort of thing? It’s been so long that my memory on it is foggy. (BTW if my *possibly* fictional Martian backstory is getting annoying, feel free to DM me to stop haha… even though I likely won’t XD) This card is in the style of the “Greetings From” cards that are popular in the Postcrossing community! Always love these cards as they share a number of facts about the subject country (or in this case, the subject planet). The great thing about Mars is that you can be a kid for longer! I’m still a teenager by Martian years… practically starting high school! Ehh, actually, I don’t really wanna go back to school – I’ll stick with Earthling years for now and just adopt Martian attributes for every other part of my persona. For more cool facts about Mars, you can check out another post of mine at! Thank you so much for sharing this super neat card with me, Daria!