We’ve got German cards for days! Won’t be talking about a city or a multiview this time, though. Instead *laughs menacingly while donning anime geek pants*, we’re showing off the Japanese novel, In/Spectre! I think this is more commonly known by its anime, which was adapted from the manga that was adapted from this. Happens a lot in that order. As I’m writing this, I’m about 2/3 of the way done watching it myself, and I’ll probably be finished by the time this post publishes. Anyway, In/Spectre centers around the adventures of an unusual duo – Kotoko Iwanaga (shown here) and Kuro Sakuragawa. Kotoko is known as the “Goddess of Wisdom”, a position she received after giving up one of her legs and one of her eyes when she was kidnapped by yokai (Japanese spirits). She has since sported a prosthetic leg and glass eye, as well as the rad-looking custom-made cane you see here (as far as I know, it bears no mystical powers or anything). As the Goddess of Wisdom, most yokai would now obey her and come to her to help solve their problems. That’s to say, these often creepy-looking spirits would regularly come up to her during the day to communicate with her. During the first season of the anime, she and Kuro play significant roles in investigating deaths supposedly caused by the ghost of teen idol Nanase Kirin, known as Steel Lady Nanase for the massive steel beam she carries around to bash faces in with. Without revealing too many spoilers, Kotoko’s ability to communicate with the yokai who witness these deaths as they occur, along with her naturally acute deduction skills and help from Kuro and others, prove to be quite helpful during this supernatural undertaking. The question is – is the truth enough to stop the killings? This has been a fun series to watch so far! It’s very mysterious and keeps me on edge, and who doesn’t like a good detective show with Japanese ghosts? Characters are interesting too, and Kotoko is particularly unique (a bit of a handful, but makes up for it in cuteness :P) Ahh I was really happy to find this in my mailbox, and really happy I started a new show because of it – thank you so much for choosing this one for me, Nina!