This Official Postcrossing card arrived from Arizona! Illustrated on this card is the William Campbell House, which can be found in the city of Grass Valley, California. Grass Valley is in the northeastern section of the state, in Nevada County (Nevada is the name of the bordering state so I was confused at first where this residence was actually located – but hey, there’s also a Delaware County in Pennsylvania, so I guess this isn’t completely out of the ordinary…) The William Campbell House, owned by wealthy merchant William Campbell, was built in the mid-late 1800s, and renovated later that century to its current Victorian look. If you’re curious about what constitutes Victorian architecture, some characteristics include things like asymmetry, towers, and decorative trim. At the turn of the century, the home was turned into a hospital, run by doctors Carl and John Jones, and known as the W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital, which served constituents for about 60 years. When the hospital closed, it was purchased by Howard Levine and Margaret Warner Swam, and now exists as the Swan Levine Inn. So this place has served a few different purposes over its course of existence – perhaps that’s part of the reason why it was designated as a historic landmark in 2017! The cool thing is, whether it was a home, a hospital or an inn, it was always a place where sleeping could occur. I would’ve granted the landmark recommendation on that merit alone! (And this is why I’m not part of any official commissions…) Thank you lots for this nice postcard, Garry!