This adorable postcard is an Official Postcrossing card from Russia! So, I have two very important and profound mottos in life: 1.) one should treat others the way they’d want to be treated, and 2.) anything can be made better by adding anime girls to it. So yeah, my excitement in receiving this card was pretty high – I’d never seen a touristic card that also featured such a figure of Japanese art before! Perhaps she is a citizen, or a tour guide? At any rate, I love this card! So now, let’s talk a little bit about the city behind our friend and her cute plushie companion – welcome to Vladivostok! Vladivostok is located in the federal subject of Primorsky Krai, in southeastern Russia (somewhat close to North Korea). I’m surprised I never mentioned this, but the administrative divisions (like the states in the US, prefectures in Japan, voivodeships in Poland, provinces in many other countries) of Russia are called federal subjects, so that’s what I’m referring to when I use that term. Anyway, Vladivostok, founded in 1860, is the largest city of this federal subject. It’s known for its unofficial status as the “Master of the East” and as the eastern point on the Trans-Siberian Railway (the other end being in Moscow – and given how big Russia is, THAT’S FAR). Vladivostok is also a port city and a naval base, and it sits by this little inlet that leads out to the Sea of Japan, known as the Golden Horn Bay (the way it curves into the land kinda looks like a horn). What you see on this card as shown by tour guide-chan is the cable-stayed bridge that extends over the Golden Horn Bay, known as the Zolotoy Bridge. The Zolotoy Bridge is pretty new, only having been completed less than a decade ago, and it connects the northern part of the city to Cape Churkin to the south, which is home to a fishing port and shipbuilding/military facilities. For a long time, the residents of the city had desired a bridge in this area. Thankfully it was eventually constructed, cutting a journey of about an hour to an hour and a half has been reduced to about ten minutes! Yippee! And on top of being such a jump in efficiency, it’s simply a darn cool-lookin’ piece of infrastructure. No wonder it gets an anime girl to endorse it. Thank you so much for this awesome postcard, Kat!