This one is an Official Postcrossing card from Virginia! Shown today is the Capitol building of Williamsburg, VA. For those not familiar with where Virginia is on the map: it’s on the eastern side of the US, a bit south of Pennsylvania and north of North Carolina. Williamsburg is on the eastern edge of the state, kind of in the middle. Williamsburg became the second capital of Virginia in 1699 (so yeah, still before the United States was actually a thing). Before that, Jamestown was the capital, which was the first place the English settled in modern-day America! But people pushed for the capital to be moved to Williamsburg after the Jamestown statehouse was burned down twice within the span of 22 years. So to Williamsburg did they move, and that stayed as the capital until it changed to Richmond in 1780 (just a few years after American Independence Day). So this here is the third Capitol building in Williamsburg! Why do I say “third”? Well… the first two also burned down. Like good grief, none of these government buildings can catch a break. They even built the first Capitol building without fireplaces after what had had happened to the Jamestown capitols! (Later they did add them, though.) Fortunately, the second time it burned down was when it was no longer really in use, if that’s any solace. Its latest reconstruction now stands as part of Colonial Williamsburg, which is a living history museum that was opened in the 1930s. You can take a guided tour of the Capitol building here (reminds me of when I took a tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia with my family) – and I’m sure they’re well-stocked on the fire extinguishers. Thank you so much Molly for sharing this intriguing postcard!