I received this postcard from the Philippines! This one commemorates the first international Postcrossing meetup between Manila in the Philippines and Beijing in China, which was held on the leap year of 2020 at the Manila Central Post Office. First of all – as always, I’m enamored by the postcard design, looks *chef’s kiss*. What’s shown on the card is the Ibong Adarna, a mythical bird from the Legend of Ibong Adarna. To summarize the legend… there’s a kingdom known as the Kingdom of Berbanya, ruled by King Fernando and Queen Valeriana. They have three children (princes): Don Pedro, Don Diego, and Don Juan. The king falls ill, and no one can figure out how to cure him, until one doctor suggests having the legendary Ibong Adarna sing him a song. So the princes all go out to look for this bird. Don Pedro and Don Diego attempt to find it, but end up getting turned to stone after the Ibong Adarna poops on them. That’s a very abridged version of their plights but I felt the short context adds to the comedy of such a peculiar situation. When Don Juan (the most well-mannered of the three) goes out, he gains the favor of an old hermit who helps him capture the bird and restore the two brothers. The brothers, seething with envy that Don Juan was able to do what they failed at, thanked him by beating him unconscious and leaving him for dead, taking the Ibong Adarna with them. Someone could use a little gratitude, eh? Anyway, when they arrived before the king, they tried to get the bird to sing, though it wouldn’t. It’s not until Don Juan recovers and returns to the palace that it sings. The king learns of what Don Pedro and Don Diego did to Don Juan, and seeks to banish them, though pure-spirited Don Juan pleads for them to have another chance. There’s a bunch more to the legend but I think that’s like a somewhat decent season one synopsis for ya. What an interesting story though! I’ll now be doing my best to enjoy the songs of birds in the morning more, and to avoid having my siblings beat me up. I’m sure at least one of those is possible. Thank you so much for this awesome postcard and all your kindness!