Ho-“Oh my word”, what a lovely Official Postcrossing card from Washington! That’s my idea of a play on words – I’m getting worse at it with age. I swear – every type of postcard I receive makes me react differently: multiviews make me go “ahhh, what a neat place!”; handmade cards make me go “PHEW you’re a billion times more talented than I am!”; and Pokemon postcards make me revert to a third of my age and leap through the roof, causing the maintenance team at my apartment complex to shake their heads and say “there he goes again…” But I digress… featured here is #250, Ho-Oh, one of the two legendary bird Pokemon from the second generation of the franchise! At this point, I was still in elementary school, gawking at other kids’ Gameboys as they played Pokemon Gold or Silver (I never actually played much of these ones… #fakefan). Ho-Oh is a fire/flying Pokemon who is featured on the cover art of Pokemon Gold. Its name comes from the Japanese name for the Chinese phoenix (Fenghuang), which it is speculated to have been based off of. For those of you who have watched the original Pokemon anime – you may remember the majestic bird at the end that flies into the rainbow. That’s Ho-Oh! It’s actually a very fascinating moment in the television series as Ho-Oh was not introduced in the video games at the time. I’d have to do more research on this but I risk blabbing if I continue to talk about it here. So for now I’ll just rejoice in my new addition to the Pokemon postcard collection! Thank you lots and lots for this amazing card!