This one is a postcard from Poland! Featured is the Izrael Poznański Palace, located in the city of Łódź, in the voivodeship of the same name (central Poland). So of course when I see these Polish city names I always ask myself, “how in the world do you pronounce that? I don’t even have three of those four characters on my keyboard…” From what I can tell, it’s pronounced something like “Wooch”, where the “oo” is the same as the “oo” in “wood”. Anyway, this residence’s origins go back to the second half of the 1800s, when a trader by the name of Kalman Poznański tried to start a cotton business in Łódź. While it fell through for him, his son, Izrael, was successful when the price of cotton shot through the roof. Izrael thus bought the site of the palace (which at the time was just a two-story tenement building) and had it decked out in the neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque styles. Anyone remember watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? That show comes to mind when reading about this palace. (I’m also in a nostalgic mood this evening, so there’s that XD) Today, it stands as the Museum of the City of Łodz, which houses exhibits of antiques, art, literature and currency connected to the city. All I’m gonna say is – when A Postcard for You starts going commercial and I rake in the revenues, I’ma follow Izrael’s footsteps and find a house to flip for my prospective deltiological empire. Thank you so much for another lovely postcard, Magdalena! (FYI: APFY has no intentions of becoming a for-profit entity 😉 )